From Indrani Ananda


I see horses galloping like saffron wind
Across the sunset prairie sky;
With manes and tails aflame like streams of fire,
Bright steeds of cumulus design,
White-winged and wondrous;
Wrought of clouds and molten gold –
They draw the chariot of the Sun
Through violet canyons of the coral-cave sea
Where Neptune’s treasures lie.

Warriors of godly mien upon these stallion wraiths
Appear to ride,
With cirrus cloaks embroidered by each shaft of light
Full billowing behind curved sunglanced swords,
Their prancing wake paints mackerel patterns
In the tide.

Then the wind lies down along the beach
As purple slowly prisms crimson’s hue
Through indigo’s unfathomable black.
Soft shadows sigh across the haunted sea,
Then darkly rise ……
Velveting the vaulted vesper heaven –
Where only Godesses may linger, scattering their jewels
Among the aeon-counting stars.

© Indrani Ananda
Brighton, UK

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