From Greg Kern


We all wish that we could be, like clouds so lazy and carefree Floating on an endless sea of bright and deep blue sky

Gazing down on the countryside, they have fun travelling far and wide And have emotions they can’t hide, for when it rains they’re crying

They don’t have to know the way, drifting with the wind all day They can either go or stay, to them it doesn’t matter

They don’t have to be on time, they don’t have to earn a dime Or a corporate ladder climb, they have no bills to pay

They can go at their own speed, they are not obsessed with greed There’s only one thing that they need, and that’s a breeze behind them

Some are small and some immense, they vary in circumference But all clouds have a fashion sense, just check out their attire

They wake up and they lounge in bed, in PJs that are flaming red Till they would rather play instead, and then they change their clothes

Throughout the day they are a sight, decked in gray and finest white And stay that way till fading light, that’s when they really dazzle

For when the sun is going down, they step out and paint the town In pink and purple evening gowns, they sure put on a show

We’d like to be like them and go, wherever prevailing winds would blow Going fast or going slow, we would be in Heaven

And years from now when we have passed, we will learn the truth at last And we will really have a blast, when we come back as clouds

© Greg Kern, Olmsted Falls, Ohio

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