From Geraldine M Stephey

in Wilmington, Delaware, US.

Kaleidoscope Skies

Billowing clouds go drifting by,
Changing patterns high in the sky;
Languidly sailing an upside-down sea,
Kaleidoscope sky entertainment is free.

On a casual day imagination can run,
Seeing tall crimson ships in a low setting sun;
Pirates dancing on marshmallow rails,
Skull and crossbones tucked in among shadowy sails.

Memories surface of a child long ago,
Laying in meadows and watching the show,
Unfolding like magic on a hot summer’s day,
On atmosphere’s stage in a world far away.

With carefree abandon she swallowed the time,
For sightings of wizards or some other rhyme;
Allowing the creatures to dance in the air,
As she, in her mind, often joined them up there.

How sad life’s too hectic to take just a minute,
To look at a cloud and find something in it;
To see once again, with innocent’s eyes,
The beckoning call of kaleidoscope skies.

© Geraldine M Stephey

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