From Drew McKinnie.

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory,

Lenticular Heaven

Too many days, ground tied and cluttered,
Complicated by officialdom and bureaucracy;
Surrounded by people who simply know not
The power and majesty of what they see;
So many longing gazes, through office windows,
At welcoming skies, Brindabella Ranges sparkling, shining;
Under sweeping lenticular bars, smooth skirts flowing,
Across powerful winds, cumulus rotor forming, dissolving.
Oh, how I want to touch this sky.

Launched at last, tug towline released,
Supported by long white wings, cool oxygen flowing even;
I am soaring in smoothest laminar flow,
Sailplane surging higher into our lenticular heaven.
We dance and sweep the leading edge, always windward,
Our shadow caressed by rainbow halo bright,
As lenticular curves flow across the escarpments,
Warm brilliant sun casting a crystalline light.
Oh, how I love the touch of this sky.

Delicious moments, when my soul escapes
The constraints of mortal working life,
My mind recalls the wave, the precious sensations
With awareness enhanced, feeling truly alive.
The lenticular backdrop frames the landscape with beauty,
Frost crystals on white wings curve a glistening arc;
I am at one with the sailplane, with the air in this heaven,
And my existence, my meaning, is renewed by this spark.
My love of life has been touched by this sky.

© Drew McKinnie
September 2007

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