from Dian Cunningham Parrotta

Dian Cunningham Parrotta is a cloud loving poet who recently sent this descriptive poem about her love of cumulus clouds.

Fair Weather Cumulus

Cumulus clouds are those clouds we drew in our first- grade classrooms using Elmer’s glue and white cotton ball puffs.
Cumulus come detached in heaps thick and bulky huge like angels lounging white tufts tons of cascading candy tuft perennials in bloom in luxuriant white flower farms with white roses protruding their inner petals and Zinnias, coneflowers, daylilies, iris, and those white peonies and other such sun perennial varieties or like floating floppy polar bears roaming like thick detached tongues of icebergs and glaciers moving in wide silence and do you see Bumble the abominable snow monster man ape floating?

© Dian Cunningham Parrotta

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