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From David Franks

From David Franks

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


In the far north of Sweden,
A “Land of the Midnight Sun,”
A strange thing chanced upon me –
And I’ll tell you, just for fun.

Got off a train late-morning
(Had to catch same one next day)
And trudged far to the Youth Hostel –
Paying for a one-night stay.

I spent the afternoon sightseeing,
Then, after a latish dinner,
Returned to my own small bedroom –
The comfy bed proving a winner.

For I soon dozed into dreamy sleep –
Waking what was just two hours hence;
But my watch was an analogue,
And night or day I couldn’t sense!

I quickly packed all my things
(My train an hour or thirteen on)
And hurried out the bedroom –
The bright sky a sneaky con.

I wandered down the track a bit
(The Hostel office empty),
Before a smiling helpful local
Did kindly enlighten me.

(C) David Franks/WalkaboutsVerse 2003

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