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From Colin Goedecke in New York City, US:

From Colin Goedecke in New York City, US:

See the site for Colin’s poetry book, The Speed of Sight, here:

Apadaca Hill

I follow the dancing ball moon

over the rolling waves
of red earth, listening to the
chorus of crickets, coyotes
and stars; savoring as they sing
the scents of piñon and cedar;
of sweet juniper cracking

in the fire
where we sit together
in big sky silence,
sharing the company of clouds
long, luminous and still,
contemplating us

contemplating them.

(Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 1999)


You step back
in time, through

a Paulus Potter
landscape, a
serene green table
of baize
lapped with layers
of Delft blue air,

and antique clouds
of milk and cream;
water, windmills
and grazing cows,
rolling out
beyond view.

(Dalfsen, The Netherlands 1998)

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