From Chris Korrow.

Burkesville Kentucky US.


I stepped outside just before dinner tonight. Girls come quick, I
They ran outside expecting something exciting.
The sky was ablaze with magnificent clouds in the sunset.
A heavy line of thunderstorms was moving in from the south and
a couple of smaller cells were to the north and west.
Enormous billowing clouds reached thousands of feet into the sky,
as the tremendous winds tore apart the smaller nearby clouds
and whipped them into intricate filaments,
set afire by the setting sun.
Reds, oranges, yellows, white, dark gray and even greens
all set upon a scattered blue background.
The girls kept yelling for mom until she finally joined us.
We kept picking out our favorite shapes and textures,
but our favorites kept changing as the scene in front
of us succumbed to the high winds and fading light.
This is your birthday show, I said to Kaysha, (who had just turned nine)
and just think, we will never see this again.
I was a little reluctant to go in to eat dinner and felt a tinge of
to think of this show ending, but I could feel that these precious girls
at my side had gained a new respect for the awesome beauty
of these every day objects. Clouds.
And with that I could feel my heart soar up
into the thick of that beauty for a moment
before I turned to head inside.

© Chris Korrow.

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