From Brenda Barnard

East Midlands, U.K.


the sky a thunderous
black – summer leaves tremble
in anticipation

upturned to the sun
flecks of white on brown leaves –
autumn has arrived

speeding panther clouds
leap across the wasteland of
a cerulean sky

the cloud – a tuft of
cotton wool lingering on
the sky’s fitted sheet

the encroaching night
turns the shepherd’s flock
from embers to ashes

sycamore leaves spoil
the patio – dropped litter
from tired trees

low clouds meander through
sad willow trees – branches
drooping in the mist

the dark housecoat of
night opens to show the silken
lingerie of dawn

the vapour trail – a length
of cotton trimming
unravels across the sky

shadows cross the
quiet roads – it’s the morning of
Remembrance Sunday

© Brenda Barnard 2009

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