From Alexis Greaves

The Wolf Moon Cloud Parade

Black ink blotch clouds imbue the West dusk sky
Nebulous noctilucent drift ethereally up high
Silvery tipped Will-o’-the-wisps honeyed by the moonshine
Evanescent parade aloft the haunting serenade of the howl lupine

Gargantuan gas giants; gravity they seem to defy
Apparitions of the Ether dance and fly
Nature’s cavalcade of capricious design
Deliquescent delights that merge and entwine

Whilst Phantasmagorical fancies pass by
Watching the splendour supine I would lie
Atmospheric Airomancies forcast and divine
Tell tales of the future they must be a sign

© Alexis Greaves, Leighton Buzzard, UK

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! Gramar lyricical heavenly

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