From Adam Kendon

Clouds Are Not Lonely!

And Wordsworth said: “I wandered lonely as a cloud…” But are clouds ever lonely?
’Tis rare indeed to see a sky with just one cloud up there, only!

Clouds come in clusters, flocks and orderly files,
They can mass together, in overwhelming, threatening piles.
On fine warm days, in procession across the sky,
They go, slowly changing forms – Watch with a patient eye,
And you will see a bearded man become a camel, then a tortoise,
A crouching cat slowly transforms into a porpoise.
Or then again, like flocks of little sheep,
They spread in ordered rows, as if they have rules to keep.
Thin strands of gossamer, strewn in the pale blue,
Presage a change, a forecast of something new.
Lowering, dark, ragged, wind driven scud, perhaps,
Will be our lot tomorrow: be ready with your wraps!
But then, at last, a golden sunset passing on the day
To night, we see low gray bands of stratus stretching far away,
Coming to rest in quiet sweet repose.

Clouds are not lonely!
It is the flat blue cloudless sky
That wearies, saddens and makes melancholy.

© Adam Kendon

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