Why do you like clouds ?

Why do you like clouds ?

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      Kris Le Jeune avatarKris Le Jeune


      when i watch clouds (in nature or in front of my screen) i ask myself “why do i like clouds so much ?” ” What is fascinated me exactly?”.
      The answer is : …
      In fact no word coming first, just some vagueness  “feeling”. I’m just feeling good without explanations… strange. Maybe the varation of shapes, contrast and colors.

      I am very curious to know your answers and point of view.

      Looking forward to reading you.


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      Bill Standerfer avatarBill Standerfer

      Kris, that’s an interesting question.  As a pilot, I think about what it’s like to fly around and through them.  The beautiful structures and also whether they’ll treat me nicely if I poke into them.  I teach aviation meteorology at a local college and have taught classes to severe weather spotters, so I also look at them from a practical point of view and how we have to interact with them in the air or on the ground.  From the ground, I think about the incredible power some clouds have, how they bring the rain to make things grow, but also how they can be very destructive with tornadoes and hail.  As a photographer, I love the shapes and colors they show, how the sun plays off of them from morning sunrise to evening sunset.  Clouds have always fascinated me and I’m still looking up to see what they’ll bring.

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      Michael Lerch avatarMichael Lerch

      Clouds populate the free and quite accessible,natures easel..the sky

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      Ruth Quist avatarRuth Quist

      Kris, what a great question you are asking.  For me at present it is the joy of the experience of seeing something so fleeting and sharing that with others.  It connects me with our shared world and the learning curve is wonderful.  To see something for the first time is exciting, like a horseshoe vortex.

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      Alison Morton avatarAlison Morton

      Natural beauty that is available pretty much anywhere (unless you are in a windowless room😱); I love the sea and mountains as well but am unable to see them every day.  A reminder that things always change – circumstances, mental states, everything. Knowing that everyone I love is under the same sky (but probably not seeing the same types of clouds).

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      Constance Gartner avatarConstance Gartner

      I like to stop and look up at clouds, because it brings me into the present moment and provides a respite from busy-ness. However, I just learned of a very important public health reason to spend time each day looking at clouds. Global rates of myopia (nearsightedness) have been increasing at a worrying rate, according to this well-reported article in WIRED magazine. Two solid bodies of research have converged to show that the cause is not spending enough time outdoors. So, go out and  look at clouds and encourage others to do so — especially young people and children. You may be saving their sight and your own.

      The World Is Going Blind. Taiwan Offers a Warning, and a Cure | WIRED https://www.wired.com/story/taiwan-epicenter-of-world-myopia-epidemic/


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      Great question  Images of clouds, together with two pieces of Art Deco architecture, form my earliest memories. Lying on my back in a pram all I could see was the sky and it used to make me dream that the sky was populated with giants – a baby’s brain trying to work out what a cloud is. The Deco architecture intruded into the skyline and also featured huge figures which probably helped. Now I am absolutely fascinated by what’s going on with air currents and topography that cause the formations we see.  A day’s cloud-spotting always includes checking wind maps and the jet stream forecast online.

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      Ariel Kotker avatarAriel Kotker

      What wonderful responses to this lovely question

      I think I like clouds because they can express indescribable feelings

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      Patricia L Keelin avatarPatricia L Keelin

      Thank you for posing this thought-inspiring question, Kris. It isn’t easy to find words to describe the magnetism, the curiosity, the simple joy and pleasure I feel when gazing at clouds.

      IMG_8852_Why clouds haiku


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