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Sunset effect

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      Richard Goetze avatarRichard Goetze

      Hi, all —

      I’ll call this a sunset bow for now but welcome your insights.

      Saw a delicate and short lasting bow appear opposite a sunset. Hints of spectrum colour but mostly the rose-pink of sunset was visible. I couldn’t get a photo of the entire bow which was visible to unassisted eyes. Pictured is the brightest portion. Location is Lake Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada. Date: June 29, 2024. Time: 20:58 EDT. Conditions: 22 C, light southerly wind, shortly after a rain shower.sunset bow

      73 RG

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      Nienke Lantman avatarNienke Lantman

      I think this was the bottom part of a rainbow, the lower the sun the higher up the rainbow…..

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      Ally McGurk avatarAlly McGurk

      Yes, I’ve seen sunset rainbows too, and because of the colour of the sunlight at that time of evening, fewer colours appear in the rainbow. Here’s one from 4 years ago at Silloth, on the Cumbrian Solway coast (UK). It has a little more variation than yours, but it’s similar, I think!




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      Ruth Quist avatarRuth Quist

      I so appreciate this sunset question.  I recently saw something similar.  This is facing east at 9:30 pm.  Who doesn’t love a rainbow, even if it is a partial.P1078285 (2)

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