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Purple Sky

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    Two volcanoes erupted last spring was it,Raikoke in the Kuril Islands(Russia) andUlawun in New Guinea . They pushed tons of tons of ash into the atmosphere which has now spread around the world turning our sunsets the color purple.

    I live in Phoenix Arizona USA around 33 degrees north latitude and I have been seeing some really purple sunsets. So today , even with little cloud cover at sunset, I took some pics of the sky after  the sun was below the horizon. It was purple. Below is a shot taken from backyard.

    Is it possible to get pictures of purple sunsets from all over the world? If you have a smart phone camera, a pocket camera, or a sophisticated camera grab a photo of the sky between the sun going below the horizon and  final darkness and post the photo here with location. It might be interesting  to see similarities as well as variations. Its true all cameras will not record the same . Yet I think purple is purple and the sky will show purple if its there.  It might be interesting to see  changes in intensity with latitude. Maybe CAS can contribute to a scientific record…or not.  Anyway it could be fun as well as interesting to see what  purple sky looks like all around the world..Let me start with this shot..The only processing I did to this photo was cropping a bit of the excess black off the bottom. Lets see Your Shot!


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    Very interesting, Michael! I’ll keep my eyes on the skies and see if I spot any purple sunsets. And now I wonder, do you think there might also be a color difference in sunrises as well?

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    I checked my Hampshire UK sky at twilight tonight in vain, Michael – clear with a pleasant pinkish horizon. I have not heard about this and I missed Paul Simons’ column:

    Wrt Keelin’s question a Google search for ‘UK purple sky’ produced:

    N.B.  Michael’s purple is unquestionable, but some other pictures may not be

    P.S.  (I had to click Windows F5 to get this Edit function). Searching the ICA in the first permanent thread above for ‘purple’ gave:

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    Keelin..Yes, according to what I’ve read and what hygge linked to ,sunrises should also be affected. Im use to the yellow ro orange to red slide in to dark against a ever darkening blue. So just a quick look  during late sundown provides a startling change,purple! Not every dusk is the same intensity. I can’t speak for sunrises since I have been forcing myself to sleep in . I may have to give it a look at least once tho.

    That photo I posted is very close to what my memory says I saw. As the one link hygge provided, there is a yellow  that is slitely dulled or darkened by the purple from the horizon then the purple. I suspect if people had a clear ” before” picture of a  sunset sky and took  one today they would see a difference even if they didn’t ” see” any purple.

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