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Petrichor – Sweet Smell Of Rain – updated info – very interesting article

Petrichor – Sweet Smell Of Rain – updated info – very interesting article

Forums The Cloud Forum Petrichor – Sweet Smell Of Rain – updated info – very interesting article


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    • #287290
      Laurence Green avatarLaurence Green

      It seems, to me, peculiar, maybe just a coincidence?!?

      Petrichor – the sweet smell of rain occurring after a long dry spell.

      Recall, I recently placed a question on the CAS Forum about the lovely smell of rain asking why it is so enticing, and, more importantly, how and why does it occur?  I got good informative replies from CAS members for which I renew my thanks here again.

      Well, it seems my query has somehow provoked several articles recently about this occurrence, both on the CAS Forum, BBC’s Weather Watchers and BBC Science & Environment page etc.

      Here is an informative update, coming as it does, from BBC’s Science & Environment page:-

      This is a very good article and well worth reading.  It gives more information than previous.


    • #287294
      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      Hello Laurence. Nice reading this about petrichor. I had yesterday evening the sweet smell of it in my nose after the first hesitating drops of rain since…. yeah since when? It has been so dry the last few months, just  like you described some weeks ago on the forum.  I hope you have your rain you wanted for so long and your butts of water are already filled with the water where they are intended for. Tomorrow we expect over here on the side of the canal some more rain (  I hope also for some spectacular clouds), but the unusual warmth seems to stay for some time. At this moment I am a bit melting!

      Greetings, Hans

    • #287499
      Laurence Green avatarLaurence Green

      Hi Hans

      Thanks, as ever, for your always welcome and informative reply – this is what I like about the CAS Forum page, that is, to engage with other like minded members such as  you..

      We had a small  tease  of rain last evening, but, yes, enough to evoke that delicious intoxicating smell of Petrichor.

      Today (28th July) we had some welcome rain but it is on / off stuff.  Nothing serious and nowhere near enough to quench the  dry landscape.  Friends of mine in Doncaster, way up north from where I live, had torrential downpours of rain.  Wish I had some of that too!  All five of my 55 UK gallons  water butts still bone dry!  I long for the clouds to make the sound of rain filling them up.  Such when it occurs will, for me, be Handel’s “Water Music”.

      Best wishes, keep cool – if possible!






    • #360183
      Howard Brown avatarhygge

      Just like Hans above, July 27, 2018, I experienced petrichor a year later. I had just finished mowing and unplugged the electric mower when a few drops fell on the mower and I could feel one or two on my shirt. I was quite smug, but even more so a minute or two later when that earthy aroma arose around,

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