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“Nubecita” is now a book

“Nubecita” is now a book

Forums The Cloud Forum “Nubecita” is now a book

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      Juan Parra avatarjuanparra

      Dear friends:

      Almost six months ago I started drawing “Nubecita” stories (see forum archives #426815) . Now it became a little book, in Spanish, in PDF format. If you would like to have a copy I´ll be glad to send it to you via e-mail, absolutely free (as it will always be). If so please send me a direct mail to my personal account: [email protected]


      Juan and Nubecita

    • #439019
      Patricia L Keelin avatarKeelin

      Congratulations on your wonderful, whimsical Nubecita stories, Juan! It is kind and generous of you to share with your cloud friends here. Muchas gracias!

      • This reply was modified 1 month, 1 week ago by Patricia L Keelin avatarKeelin.
    • #439061
      Juan Parra avatarjuanparra


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