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New Years Day Clouds 2020

New Years Day Clouds 2020

Forums The Cloud Forum New Years Day Clouds 2020


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    • #396813
      Photo Editor avatarPhoto Editor

      As in previous years it would be great to see images of clouds that appear around the world on New Years Day. Please feel free to post your 2020 submissions on the subject here. Hope you are all enjoying the festive season and I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy, cloudy and prosperous New Year.

    • #396962
      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      Thank you Ian. This post is just meant to keep your message on top of the forum to ensure as much new year’s day pictures as possible. May the clouds be with you.

    • #398188
      Gregory Venarsky avatarGregory Venarsky

      I just want to keep this at the top as Hans did so kindly. Tomorrow is New Years Day so I hope we get many posts on this thread.

      Best wishes,

      Gregory V.

    • #398354
      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      A happy new year to all.

      Over here the start of this new cloud year is not quite spectacular with featureless fog.  Maybe it is good for contemplative moods, but we all know that fortunately different and more exciting clouds will follow.

      2020-01-01 Mist IMG_2846
      A Foggy Start In The Netherlands


    • #398417
      Photo Editor avatarPhoto Editor

      A very Happy New Year one and all…….It is a grey day over the Lincolnshire Wolds UK. ..Not too spectacular and quite featureless, but it is cloud cover, and we love it, and still prefer it to a blue sky..:+)..



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    • #398595
      Howard Brown avatarhygge

      Hants much the same as Lincs except for a mid morning half hour. First I went to the North because that conifer slightly to left of centre is now named Keats (q.v. in Forum). I was lucky to get this shot as my trusty Nikon DSLR refused to take any more pictures (too low a light???).

      So then I went to the South. Happy New Year to one and all, and thanks to CAS.


    • #398622
      Michael Lerch avatarMichael

      Happy New Year To All!

      I started taking pictures around 8am. I checked the satellite photos which suggested better clouds  where to come. So below  starts at  early morning ,then  afternoon, then late afternoon, ending with a shot at early dusk.






    • #398631
      Patricia L Keelin avatarKeelin

      A rather dull morning here as well, then the sky midday blossomed a bit, and end of day hosted a tiny sliver of moon. Wishing everyone a splendid New Year of clouds that delight and surprise us all!


      IMG_5950_Moon Sliver_20200101

    • #398650
      Gregory Venarsky avatarGregory Venarsky

      A very beautiful start to the day here, but then it turned out to be a blue sky day. I live in South-eastern Washington State in the U.S. We had some Altocumulus Stratiformis here along with the Lenticularis type as well. Hope you all have a Happy 2020!

      Best Wishes,

      Gregory V.


    • #398891
      George Preoteasa avatarGeorge Preoteasa

      Happy new year everyone! It was cloudy and windy in New York in the morning.  Stratocumulus clouds (as seen below over the Long Island Sound) slowly started opening up in the afternoon and eventually created conditions for a very nice sunset (which unfortunately I could not capture because I was driving).







    • #399038
      Laurence Green avatarLaurence Green

      Greetings to all in the new decade!

      Here is my wee bit late contribution to this fascinating thread of New Year’s clouds.

      Yes, a bit late but here are some nice photos taken by BBC Weather Watcher members of clouds in late December.

      Here they are – 9 photos to enjoy:-

      Best wishes to all.



    • #399063
      Craig Stancliff avatarCraig Stancliff

      200101 End Of The Day
      End of the Day-New Years Day_1 Malibu, California

    • #400124
      Howard Brown avatarhygge

      Cloud surfing in Malibu – so who’s a lucky guy.

      Lovely picture; thanks for setting this Forum dreaming, Craig.


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