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Need some ID help

Need some ID help

Forums The Cloud Forum Need some ID help

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    • #421390
      Steven Strick avatarSteven Strick

      Saw these in the morning in Idaho. Amazing. As a beginner, I’m not sure where to start to identify them.  Maybe Radiatus? Or just a bunch of Cumulus lined up? Thanks !



    • #421472
      Karin Warren avatarkwarren

      Hello Steven, for some reason I cannot view your image, but a go-to guide for cloud ID is the WMO’s International Cloud Atlas:

    • #424549
      Don Hatfield avatarDon

      Steven – Another decent source, a bit less technical and perhaps easier to use : They have a downloadable e-book on cloud types that has sketches, photos, comparisons (for instance, altocumulus vs stratocumulus), etc.

    • #424639
      Steven Strick avatarSteven Strick

      Wonderful. I’ll look it up.

      I still think that our forum would benefit from having a topic stream entitled “What’s this cloud?” Very helpful to us beginners and might attract more members.

      In the meantime, I’m still looking up!


    • #424693
      Don Hatfield avatarDon

      Steve – Hope this e-book helps.

      There are several similar topic streams in the Forum, generally centered around a given, specific cloud photo (much as yours is). Might be worthwhile looking through the streams here.

      Also –

      There are several Local Community groups of cloudspotters. I don’t know where you live, but there might be one clos to you. If so, these cloudy thinkers would certainly be of help.


Viewing 4 reply threads
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