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Lightning pictures

Lightning pictures

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      Marc van Workum avatarmarcvan workum

      Hi all!

      I’ve been looking upwards for a long time but pointingIMG_6285IMG_6328IMG_7749IMG_7752IMG_5999 my camera into a thunderstorm is my favorite. Here are some favorites of mine! Enjoy and give me pointers on how to improve please.





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      George Preoteasa avatarGeorge Preoteasa

      Nice! I hope you’re in a safe place when taking these shots.

      What is your technique, i.e. exposure, duration of a shot, etc?

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        Marc van Workum avatarmarcvan workum

        Hi George,


        I usually shoot from attict window. But sometimes outside when on holiday.


        I use a tripod and long exposure time and a remote control for shutter open and closing.

        Usually 20-30 seconds, Iso 100 / 200 and F 5.6 depending on the time of day.





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      Michael Lerch avatarMichael

      Nice Shots Marc…Here is what and how I shoot  Lightning…I shoot  short movies and then take the one or two best single frames for processing as a Photo. It sounds  a bit more complicated than it really is ,,so see if you can follow:  I take a quick study of where and when the lightning is or is more frequent. I  count how many seconds  between bolts once I determine the area of sky I am shooting. I average out the time between bolts, say, once every 20 seconds. After a bolt fires I count,,at say 15 seconds I begin ” Movie”. When a bolt finally discharges I stop taking  ” Movie”. A good wide angle telephoto lens helps.I shoot outside so I like a lens that can get me close rather than being close to lightning. I leave the camera set on “automatic” for exposure and use a large capacity memory card. Tripod is mandatory.

      Sometimes, if you are lucky, the lightning can be so intense counting off isn’t required. Just start taking a movie. Extra battery is good to have. By studying the where and when of lightning you might gain an understanding of the dynamics,,like one area gets hot with lightning then another area seems to  balance out the energy discharge. So you get into the “flow” of lightning over a large area. Sometimes its as easy as noticing where the  rain is. Lightning likes to follow the path of least resistance and rain can be  that path to ground.. Not a good idea if its raining on you when shooting lightning.

      Hope that helps



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      Laurence Green avatarLaurence Green

      This may interest CAS folk.

      Photos taken during the thunderstorms recently hitting the UK, particularly the south coastal areas.


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