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Lenticular at night – time lapse

Lenticular at night – time lapse

Forums The Cloud Forum Lenticular at night – time lapse

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      George PreoteasaGeorge Preoteasa

      Best viewed full screen with light low. It’s night after all.

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      George, Fascinating!..what did you have the ASA set at?

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      Hans StockerHans Stocker

      Great time-lapse George. I am like Michael curious about the ASA settings

      Amazing to see this lenticular transforming but yet staying in place while shooting stars pass by.

      When I wait after seeing the time-lapse next vimeo’s made by you show up one by one and I could also see your time-lapse with the plane causing distrail. Very nice! I happened to see that happen at day light just yesterday. Quite funny to see a plane wiping out a line in the cloudlayer like a flying cloud eraser.

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      George PreoteasaGeorge Preoteasa

      Thank you folks. I used a fast lens, I think it was set to F2.8, exposure 8 secs, frames taken at 10 sec interval to give time to write to the card. The ISO was set to 4000, but it was too low. If you look on vimeo, you will also see the earlier version. Pictures look good on the camara monitor, but are too dark to see on a phone screen in daylight. So I brought all the frames into Lightroom and increased the exposure. I also removed some of the yellow color, which I considere light pollution. (This place is in the Catskill mountains, but there is still some light pollution around.) Et voila!

      I am just learning how to use these tools. Last winter I bought a small telescope and joined an astronomy club. They offered an astrophotography class, which I eagerly attended. I have also watched a few how-to videos on the subject. This is the first time I get good conditions and manage to get something out of them.

      Here is a cloud shot while awaiting the dark. I think a cumulonimbus was passing to the south and this may be the canopy. Or maybe a lenticularis. (I am talking about the higher cloud.)


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      Thanks for sharing with us, George! You say you’re just beginning to learn how to use these tools? Well done! And the waiting for dark image above is absolutely gorgeous. I can almost hear the peaceful quiet in that scene — an added bonus!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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