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Ideas for a cloudspotting site

Ideas for a cloudspotting site

Forums The Cloud Forum Ideas for a cloudspotting site

  • This topic has 5 replies, 4 voices, and was last updated 2 months ago by Don Hatfield avatarDon.
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    • #431002
      Vincent Lammens avatarVincent Lammens

      So, I’m building a site to keep track of my spotted-clouds, and was wondering if some of you had any ideas for features.

      These are the things that I’ve already planned to add

      • ability to log clouds (type of cloud, date, location)
      • ability to add an image to a logged cloud
      • a scoreboard (to compare your collection against others)
      • a cloud-index, filled with info about the clouds and photo’s of users

      – Vincent

    • #431058
      Gregory Venarsky avatarGregory Venarsky

      That sounds wonderful Vincent!! I can’t think fo anything now but if I do I will tell you.

      Gregory V.

    • #431059
      Jocelyn Northey avatarjocelyn.northey

      I like the AI at A Cloud aDay as an identifier tool for newcomers like me. I learn visually and I find it gives me confidence.

      A FAQ too as I find this site a learn as you go experience.

      Maybe have different level of experience?

      Also an educational element

      Good luck in your endeavours

    • #431067
      Don Hatfield avatarDon

      Jocelyn, there is a Tasmnia based Community Group – access it through the Community (Clouudspotter Groups) link, then go to the one labeled North West Tasmania; it after those in the US and the UK. It’s run by Gary MacArthur. I think you woiuld finds it interesting to join.

    • #431072
      Jocelyn Northey avatarjocelyn.northey

      Thanks Don, I am already a member of that group. However the area I live in is very different to that group. I live in the north-east among the hills and valleys.

    • #431289
      Don Hatfield avatarDon

      Jocelyn – No wonder you get such great photos

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