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First post in 13 years

First post in 13 years

Forums The Cloud Forum First post in 13 years

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    • #438753
      Armin T. Berke avatarbatman_105

      Although I love clouds and see exceptional ones every now and then, this is the first one I could take a decent picture of. Rain shower over Greater Poland’s planes.


    • #438757
      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      Hello Batman, I hope you will succeed many more times to capture decent pictures of clouds (your words). For this one is a stunning capture. It looks like all the water is poured out at once. On the second one I suspect some little parts of a rainbow to be there.

      I hope the Batman returns….

    • #438760
      Meryl Schneider avatarMeryl Schneider

      Dear Batman, your post was worth waiting for. Stunning photos! Must have been very exciting to be there.

    • #438773
      Patricia L Keelin avatarKeelin

      A grand show(er) of Nature’s beauty and power in your photos, Batman! May you be treated to many more such moments like this, camera(and umbrella)-ready!

    • #438780
      Steven Strick avatarSteven Strick

      Incredible ! Thank you.

    • #438800
      Armin T. Berke avatarbatman_105

      I’ll do my best ;-)
      I’m glad you like it.

    • #441263
      Laurence Green avatarLaurence Green

      Great shots, Batman!  Thank you for the sharing – highly appreciated.

      Certainly one would need a good sturdy umbrella to weather this downpour! “Geez!!!”.

      Thanks again!

      Best wishes.


Viewing 6 reply threads
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