Fibratus Family?

Fibratus Family?

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      Peter Ostry avatarPeter Ostry


      Hello all,

      The March cloud of the month reminded me of a photo sent to me recently by a friend who was visiting the north NSW (Australia) Coastal area and said that this was a regular occurrence. He mentioned that it often will have many more ‘lines’ than in this photo and always be similar in density and definition.

      Do these clouds belong to the Fibratus family or something else?


      Thanks in anticipation,






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      Ruth Quist avatarRuth Quist

      Peter, hopefully some more senior-experienced cloud spotters will respond to your post.  I believe you have caught yourself three contrails.  They are from aircrafts.  The Cloud Library would have some great examples for you to check out.  Those guys can have many interesting appearances.  Like noddle’s and a big fan.  Still enjoyable to view above our heads.

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      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      Peter, like Ruth says the three straight lines are certainly contrail. But in the corner at the right and above the trees I see cirrus fibratus. One can see the difference. 😊

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