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Ecstatic to have discovered you all!

Ecstatic to have discovered you all!

Forums The Cloud Forum Ecstatic to have discovered you all!

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      Julie Pearce avatarjulie.pearce

      Delacombe Park, Frankston South, Victoria, Australia, Southern Hemisphere – next door to New Zealand! A stunning sky hanging over our local sporting ground. This is day one of officially being a member of this wonderful society (inspired by an article in our weekend paper, The Age), and I couldn’t feel more excited. I feel like I’ve found my crowd!
      Image: shot with my Samsung Note S8 Plus smartphone at 8.25 pm AEDST on Saturday 2 November. No filter applied. It was amazing.

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    • #378145
      Patricia L Keelin avatarKeelin

      Welcome to the forum, Julie! And thank you for sharing this beautiful image of what’s above in the land down under. I love the celebratory feel of your first post–the joy is contagious! Have fun exploring the many topics here, and I hope to see more photos from you in days to come.

    • #378167
      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      Welcome Julie. That’s quite an entrance with this beautiful and impressive cloud scenery at sunset.  I agree with Keelin and I like the funny way she wrote it. More to follow?

    • #378254
      Julie Pearce avatarjulie.pearce

      Thank you Keelin and Hans. Day two and I’m just as inspired! Here is another local shot – this one from 26 March 2019 about 800 metres from my home in Frankston South, Victoria, Australia. There will be plenty more, and a reason to start using a real camera rather than smartphone snaps. Thank you for making this down under cloud chaser feel like her head is still in the clouds, with purpose!IMG_20191103_000826_516-02

      • This reply was modified 8 months, 1 week ago by Julie Pearce avatarjulie.pearce.
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