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Drone Tornado Video

Drone Tornado Video

Forums The Cloud Forum Drone Tornado Video

  • This topic has 5 replies, 3 voices, and was last updated 1 year ago by Howard Brown avatarhygge.
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    • #343456
      Michael Lerch avatarMichael

      This link is to a You Tube Drone Tornado Video…a must see..The tornado is a mild one and thats good . All the elments that make a tornado are there tho..

    • #344054
      Howard Brown avatarhygge

      Incredible is a good word for it, Michael. I’m gobsmacked.

      I am not familiar with drones so very impressed with the driver/pilot or whatever.

      N.B.  My first attempt to watch this video failed so I thought my problem of last year had returned, but second go worked.


    • #344223
      George Preoteasa avatarGeorge Preoteasa

      Incredible video. At moments I wondered if it is not just an animation. But I think it’s real. I hope to witness something like that some day.

      Speaking of tornadoes, there was one in Romania (my native country). Tornadoes are unheard of in that area.

      But why be so surprised? Romania has a relatively large plain in the south. When I was there last time, I took this picture. It reminded of the larger US great plains. I can picture a tornado forming here:


      • #344938
        Howard Brown avatarhygge

        Nice picture, Michael. I remember you saying last year that you were originally from Romania as I once went there, SE coast, for a holiday (probably while Ceaucescu (sorry if wrongly spelt) was still there). Your picture reminds me of the Danube Delta. Again, before my digital camera.

      • #345469
        Howard Brown avatarhygge

        And Romania is headlined again, Michael

        It’s the London Bus all over – when one eventually comes there will be a second right behind.


    • #345475
      Howard Brown avatarhygge

      UK gets about 30 tornadoes a year

      How often do we get tornadoes in the UK?

      I have been in two ‘tornadoes’. A mini one several years ago which ran through Hillier Gardens; I sat it out on a covered seat beside the pond, hearing one bough break nearby but not realising several trees were brought down a few hundred yards away.

      Recently the weather forecast talked of Sahara sand. What I got was a brief ‘snowfall’ of small plant material/leaves and a briefer ‘dust devil’ shooting up around a tree 50 yards away, all in about a minute or two.

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