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Clouds that just sit burbling, no drift ??

Clouds that just sit burbling, no drift ??

Forums The Cloud Forum Clouds that just sit burbling, no drift ??

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      Robert Franeck avatarRobert

      Over Calgary, Alberta, Canada, myself and other watchers (We are blessed with fabulous clouds here) have noticed clouds of all varieties that are not going anywhere for short periods to hours. They build, they disperse, bubble but if long lived, they stay in the same place.  It’s almost scary. It’s been going on for weeks.

      This is not typical as we are in the foothills of the Rockies at 3400 ft. Typical would be they are headed somewhere most of the time. This has been observed, as in the past week, 5 days out of 7.  I have time lapse videos. This is not the way things work being 40 kms from the steep side of the Rockies. We, like everyone, have noticed the air quality differenc to the better because of C19. Maybe, no… I’m not even going to venture a guess. Anybody notice this quieting of cloud phenomena elsewhere?

      Robert F. #36474

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      Meryl Schneider avatarMeryl Schneider

      Hi Robert,

      That does sound very unusual. I haven’t noticed that here (Heidelberg, Germany) but I will keep an eye up for it. Have you posted the videos anywhere?

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      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      Hello Robert

      Except that there is less contrail during the lockdown – and by consequence less pollution – there is no difference in behavior of winds and clouds with before. Like Meryl I am curious about the videos you made to see what makes you wonder.

      Did you know lenticularis clouds can stay at the same place? It might be applicable since you live near mountain sides. Here is a video that was presented on the CAS site some years ago that illustrates it well. In the lee of a mountainside wave clouds occur and in the right conditions a hovering UFO will be there staying in place.

      Timelapse Lenticularis

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