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Clouds on the Horizon … what are they?

Clouds on the Horizon … what are they?

Forums Cloud Identification Help Clouds on the Horizon … what are they?

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      Maria Lee avatarmaria.lee

      Can anyone help with this one? Thanks!Horizon Cloud

    • #446635
      George Preoteasa avatarGeorge Preoteasa

      Hi Maria,


      I’ll try but I am not really sure. Because they are so far, you see the clouds on the edge, so to say. So a layer of thin high clouds, like cirrostratus, could appear as a dense, solid cloud. So given the otherwise clear sky,  this is my first guess, cirrostratus.

      You have a nice view there. What part of the world is it? What is beyond the little hills on the horizon, any significant body of water?

    • #447006
      Steven Strick avatarSteven Strick

      Perhaps you can tell us where you are, what time of day, looking east/west, time of the year. These are helpful in narrowing down your choices.

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