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Cloud IDs: International Cloud Atlas

Cloud IDs: International Cloud Atlas

Forums The Cloud Forum Cloud IDs: International Cloud Atlas

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      Members who are looking for the definitions of different cloud types, as well as a list of all the different classifications, should take a look at the World Meteorological Organisation’s International Cloud Atlas. This is the official reference work on cloud types. If you can’t find the answer to your cloud identification there, why not post a photograph of the cloud as a new topic in our Cloud Forum and some of our members might be able to help.

      International Cloud Atlas

      One useful page is their complete Cloud Classification Table.

    • #304388


      I am from Colombia, and I am so happy know more about clouds!!!



      • #316115
        Howard Brown avatarhygge

        Welcome, Edisson. It is great to hear from South America and from someone who appreciates the International Cloud Atlas.

    • #329360
      DAVID DOWNS avatarShiprock45

      Had no idea the Atlas existed until I joined CAS.  It is available on Amazon.

    • #329495
      Howard Brown avatarhygge

      Shiprock45, you have me wondering what it is that is available on Amazon. I have the old ICA in hard copy i.e.

      Volume I, Revised edition 1975

      Volume II 1987 (pictures)

      The new ICA as in the top of this thread is to my knowledge on-line only and is free.


    • #331331
      Hui Min Yang avataryhm1993112

      Wow! I am from China. I’m glad to join .

    • #350422
      Marc van Workum avatarmarcvan workum


      Been a friend of the Society for a long time but a real member now! Bring on the Clouds!


      Always look up!





    • #362566
      Anna McManus avatarannamcmanus

      Hello All Cloud People,

      I just finished reading Cloudspotter ‘s Guide. Loved it and am so excited to become a member of the society.



    • #370918
      Clare Cook avatarclarecook

      Hi Cloudspotters,

      I spotted this cloud a few weeks ago but I’m not sure what it is. It was not precipitating but shortly after seeing it, there was some light rain for a few minutes. Anybody know what kind of cloud this is?


      Happy clouding,



    • #370944
      Emily Klenin avatarklenin

      Today’s Arizona cloud is heartbreakingly beautiful for anyone (well, me) who has ever loved a Southwest desert. That the cloud is by category nothing much just reminds me that the everyday has its own peculiar joy.  The clear definition of the limits of the rain are especially nicely shown thanks in part to the terrain, but here in Pennsylvania foothills we also for some reason take real pleasure — pride! — in seeing the edges of where a cloud finally got around to doing its thing… I love my Clouds A Day. Emily


    • #370946
      Emily Klenin avatarklenin


      • This reply was modified 5 months ago by Emily Klenin avatarklenin.
    • #373608
      Liangjun Ling avatarLing

      A clouds enthusiast from China.So happy to join your guys.

    • #419460
      Ed Herrmann avatarEd Herrmann

      Thanks for posting the link to the International Cloud Atlas. A friend from Sweden told me about a type of cloud called (in Swedish) “mother of pearl cloud” which I could not find on the CAS site. But on the International Cloud Atlas I found it’s called “nacreous” and occurs mainly in the polar regions.

      Heads Up!


    • #420283
      Daniel Mehta avatarDanunosus

      I cannot rate the International Cloud Atlas website enough, The gallery section is brilliant; you can search for photos (and subsequent explanations) by genus, species, variety, etc. The most useful website, IMO, when it comes to cloud identification.

      Also, when it comes to photometeors (atmospheric optics, from rainbows to circumzenithal arcs), this website is just *ultra*!

Viewing 12 reply threads
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