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Climate Change #3

Climate Change #3

Forums The Cloud Forum Climate Change #3

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    • #466052
      Howard Brown avatarhygge

      I started #2 with a well founded fear of President Trump. So I start #3 with great hope for President Biden.   Quartz

      There are many links out there on Biden and this topic; it will not be easy going.

      P.S.  Hello again to many friends, long time no see. Life can be like that.

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    • #466065
      Michael Lerch avatarMichael

      Hey hygge!  The majority of Americans are looking forward rather than wanting to return to the past. Re-joining the Paris Accord is the best first sign that Biden is thinking  about the future. Investing in a clean future is important and Biden is moving ahead on creating such a future. May it all come true. In less than 24hrs from now Biden will be President. May his plans for a clean environment and a halt to climate change be unimpeded.

      • #466554
        Howard Brown avatarhygge

        Hey Michael. I joined CAS 26JAN2007 as #7173 and you joined not long after. You have been a major contributor ever since. Another major for many years was Andrew Kirk east of the Ca Sierras.


    • #466229
      Steven Strick avatarSteven Strick

      oh come on…..politics?? in a cloud forum? Can we not just leave politics out of SOMETHING!?? Just keep your political opinions out of here and go to a political site to voice them.

      • #466540
        Howard Brown avatarhygge

        Hello, Steven. I hear what you are saying. But Forum topics are not constrained and you do not have to follow each and every one – that’s unity. If you are in to pareidolia so be it.

        This topic I consider in the zeitgeist and woke.


    • #466565
      Michael Lerch avatarMichael
      Participant soon as it is monetized, its political. Back in the day I had a Professor tell me “Clean Air” would soon be monetized. I didn’t believe him. A few years later mandatory air pollution devices on vehicles became law. City, towns, communities became responsible for the quality of the air in their “hood”. Clean Air, the crisp of the blue sky, the clarity of the cloudscapes, sunsets and stars became monetized. We Pay For Clean Air. Now Climate Change is blamed for the extended droughts that bring longer wild fire seasons out here in the west. Being able to “taste” the air I breath is not something I imagined but recently has become actual because of these wildfires.. The ability to put the fires out or even better, reduce the chance of big fires in the first place,,is a direct result of taxes…political will and know how. The clear Big Sky I enjoy out here in the Southwest is not free. Its paid for as taxes on our excesses. That makes our Big Sky out here political.

      There are very few clouds I would not enjoy photographing. Tornadoes   and pirrocumic  I do not enjoy seeing, watching and photographing  because I know the reality on ground they leave behind. Taxes don’t do much one way or another on tornadoes except to help after the destruction they cause. But the clouds of smoke from wild fires in California reach to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and beyond. So Federal Politics become involved. Its not just me in a backyard in Phoenix dealing with the consequences ,its cities and towns, millions of folks across numerous states who have to deal with besooted air and brown skies. Politics just can’t be kept out.

      And why shouldn’t we,,anybody, not be aware and make decisions accordingly? Do not our children live in our world and will have to deal  with the reality  given them ..eventually? Its not just me in my backyard but its generations to come. Why should we give them a future that has no concern for their well being, their enjoyment, their Appreciation.?  The only cloud I wish for them to taste is the cool glass of clean water they drink on a summer’s day.

      Yes,  be unencumbered to enjoy the sky, the clouds, the sunsets and rises, the stars. Enjoy the worry free moments of reality abandonment, but know, such moments are not free of cost.  We pay for our sky.

      Kind Regards

      Mike Lerch

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