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      Ayaan Gupta avatarAyaan Gupta

      I believe this is an altostratus cloud. Is it? Please tell me. Thankyou.


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      Hans Stocker avatarHans Stocker

      Hello Ayaan,

      Good question, but not that easy to answer. My first impulse is to say no, it is not altostratus. Usually altostratus is more featureless and looks like a veil without distinct cloud structure. But then what is it? Your image might show a layer of stratocumulus. That is a species that is much lower than stratocumulus. Difficult to judge from just one picture, but maybe your memory of the situation might clear this up? I hope this helps.

      Btw: in the main menu of the CAS site (above) you find the entry Resources. Click on it and find the sub-entry ‘Cloud Library’. Going there you will find lots of examples of all the main cloud species, varieties and others together with most optical phenomena. This is a great source to check any spotting you are not sure of.


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