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Airglow Fan – APOD image

Forums The Cloud Forum Airglow Fan – APOD image

This topic contains 2 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by  Laurence Green 2 weeks, 1 day ago.

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    Laurence Green

    Here is, as released today (3 February) on the NASA APOD page, is a lovely photo of something called, “Airglow Fan”.  This is not to be confused with the Aurora Borealis.

    – a small and concise explanation accompanies the image.


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    Laurence, thank you for the link to this beautiful image. It sparks the memory of a special night a few years ago when I was on a boat trip to Alaska. I’d been so hoping to see Aurora Borealis one particular evening that I could barely sleep. While I never saw the sky dance, it seemed it was not entirely without color. At the time, I was quite perplexed and wondered why I could distinguish subtle cloud shapes against the very subtle, dark greenish glow (I don’t recall seeing the moon at all that night). I took the photo below just to capture the memory of that night. The contrast is pushed, but it’s quite like I remember it, the quiet, the glow, the wonder of it all. Do you think this might be airglow?


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    Laurence Green

    Greetings, Keelin

    I am glad you found my posting of interest to you.

    I think you are correct in that your photo showcases an Airglow.  Whatever, and I stand to be corrected, I think which you saw must have been lovely.

    Best wishes.



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