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That’s great to read about Andrew. I happen to live in the Netherlands and even nearby the church Ruisdael painted with his famous Dutch mountains. I am not an expert on meteorology but  we do have a lot of clouds. I must say we also have sometimes boring blue skies (very recently) when we are in the middle of a anticyclone. The Netherlands are flat indeed and in the right circumstance cumulus will form above warmer land when the wind comes from the sea. Most probably this can happen in the summer.
Because there are not very significant orographic influences the lenticularis is rather rare to spot over here. Nevertheless they can appear in cases that the waves in which they form carry far. The air conditions must be stable then I suppose.

Melbourne must be great to spot clouds too. I did check the images in the group for Victoria, Australia within the community. Btw: don’t you want to join the group Victoria, Australia too?

Here are some examples of what I recently spotted while walking the dog on the beach. I hope you like them.

2022-04 Wolken (29)-1