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hygge, thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one with “issues”!  I can turn off the “paranoid” button now!  ;-)

I DID get confirmation by our local meteorologist on the Fallstreak Hole!  Here is what he said,  “The fallstreak…yes. That’s what you have there. It’s a jet contrail-induced fall streak. The particles in the jet exhaust became nuclei for the ice in those clouds to collect. They basically became precipitation and fell out!”

I am doing a happy cloud dance now!!


Edited to redact, unfortunately!!

Awwww, man!! I just got another email from him. Now I have to go back and undo all of the posts I made! Quoting the meteorologist:

Hold up!
I just added it to my graphics system, and it is NOT a Fallstreak.
It’s a gap in the altocumulus clouds with some cirrus moving overhead. So sorry…the big blown up version was clear, the small on one my computer screen wasn’t.