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Flying Above The Hampshire Clouds

Flying Above The Hampshire Clouds

Society Member, Mike Rubin (no. 329) says about this gliding video –

“After having fun in a Lasham Gliding Society Discus near a shower cloud in the Newbury area I took a cloud climb 4km East of the town of Kingsclere. Cloudbase was about FL45 (4500 feet). I topped out at the airspace ceiling of FL65 (6500 feet) after climbing at about 6kts most of the way. Then after a long period inside a large cloud I emerged somewhere closer to Basingstoke, where I couldn’t resist a new video clip. Alas I forgot to turn off macro mode on my camera. Despite that, apart from one section of malfocussed video (which I edited out) it didn”t come out too badly. Phew! Easily my best cloud eye candy of the year so far in the UK. The town visible in the clip is Basingstoke, as I am headed back towards Lasham. I was still close to the 4-4500 foot cloudbase when I approach Lasham well after the video ends”.

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