Flemish Light

Dirk Lambrechts is a big fan of clouds. He tells us he started creating pictures of clouds as an hommage to the painters of his region in the 17th Century.

Over the years he gathered these images and with the help of a great designer, and they put them together in a book called “Flemish Light”. It’s an observation of the Flemish skies for a period of 4 years….and is still an ongoing project as the beauty of the skies is to be seen every day – from a grey sky to the beautiful colors of dawn, or dusk…. He is very proud that the famous painter, Luc Tuymans, who loved the series, wrote the foreword for the book.

You can see more about the book on Dirk’s website

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  1. Patricia L Keelin avatar Keelin says:

    Thank you, Dirk, for sharing your keen artist’s eye. Viewing the images on your website shifted my breathing, rocked my heart, held me spellbound, and brought tears to my eyes. Subtle colors, light, shadow, form, composition. You’ve captured the beauty and wonder of it all!

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