Hundred Skies © Claire Rose

Fifteen Hundred Skies Project

 Hundred Skies © Claire Rose

Over the past year Clare Rose been collecting a sky diary, and using Facebook as a way of sharing these images with friends. Other people have joined in and it has been a great way to connect with people all over by looking at the same, but also very different sky.

Clare would love the chance to create a worldwide sky diary over the course of one day – June 21st, the solstice.

Over the course of the day, she is inviting people to capture three images of the sky. One in the morning, one in the afternoon and one again at evening/dusk – or night if people have the equipment and skills for night skies.
She is hoping to collect 1500 images of the sky from all over the world and from these images complete a series of paintings. She is not yet sure of the full scope of that, however you will be acknowledged in anything that comes of this endeavour. By submitting your photographs, you will be consenting for them to be used for any work, publication, artwork that might come of the event and all participants will be acknowledged.

So if you think you would like to be involved, or know someone who might be keen to participate, please sign up and spread the word.

Here is what to do:

1. Let Clare know you are going to take part – She needs at least 500 people to commit to this so invite your friends along. There’s an invitation on Facebook called fifteen hundred skies. Join!

2. Set yourself a reminder to take photos on the 21st of June this year – in fact set three reminders, one for the morning, afternoon and again at dusk. It doesn’t have to be at the same time, people’s situations are all different, just choose three occasions over the day to take the time to look up and capture a sky. Just use your phone, don’t worry about having your camera. Whatever is convenient.

3. Take your images – it can include buildings, nature, anything – though the focus is the sky. It doesn’t have to be beautiful – it can be grey, misty whatever you are offered. It will change over the day!

4. Record three words to capture where you are at, what might be on your mind, how you feel, what the sky “says” to you, memories – just three words. It might seem completely random – that’s ok.

5. Record where you are – e.g. Oxford St, London, UK, paddock, Grass Valley, WA, Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand and the approximate time. e.g. 2pm, mid afternoon.

5. Send your images through to along with your words and locations.

6. Watch this space. If Claire knows you are taking part, she can keep you involved in what happens with this project so please let her know.

Any questions/suggestions, please email Clare or post a message on the Facebook event page.

Only 6 weeks to go – spread the word, She needs your help to get this off the ground – literally- and start looking up!

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  1. Clare Rose says:

    Just over a week to go and almost 500 diarists have signed up. Thanks for all those who have said yes to taking part! If we get more than 500, all the more splendour to appreciate. Please join us.

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