Abby Dobson – ‘Cloud Watching’

Abby Dobson (Member 14,484) wrote the wonderful ‘Cloud Watching’ for her 2007 album Rise Up. She was the lead singer of 90s Australian pop band Leonardo’s Bride (who have recently been playing some gigs in Oz), and performs in the duo Baby et Lulu.

5 thoughts on “Abby Dobson – ‘Cloud Watching’”

  1. Bronwyn Gaze avatar Bronwyn Gaze says:

    Quite a few years ago I wondered if it was possible for CAS to arrange a collection of cloudmusic.
    This newsletter has brought a ray of sunshine into my grey and drizzley day.
    May I suggest the song “send in the clouds”?
    Australian group “Clouded House”?
    Bronwyn Gaze

  2. dee says:

    luv this song very much. thank u 4 sharing it with us “the cloud lover”

  3. beth says:


  4. Lorraine Lordi avatar Lorraine Lordi says:

    wonderful! Lyrics, music, all of it.

  5. joanna drew says:

    clouds are fascinating, I love to see shapes and forms that make want to paint

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