“Do You See Yonder Cloud?”

Anthony Davis, member 11945, has sent us a further irreverent cloud poem having taken his inspiration from the sky.

Do You See Yonder Cloud?

Well, Hamlet, you may make out what you may.
‘Tis true that clouds can sometimes shape our mind
And trick the eye with fleeting bogus play,
(especially of the animal kingdom kind.)

You’ve cited camels, weasels, whales, to date,
But let us go beyond your childish games.
Praise Dalton, rather, than your foolish prate,
Or Hooke, or Baldwin, or such other names.

Those pioneers of met’rological probe
Who showed us how to truly read the skies
Without the need to fantasise the globe
With any schizophrenic porky-pies.

Let’s face it, Dane, princely though thou might be,
You don’t match up to G. Pretor-Pinney

© Anthony Davis

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