A sunset over the lagoon, Venice.

Distant Mountains

Freddy Niagara Fonseca (aka Cosmopolitan Poet on Facebook) sent us this cloud composition written in 1993.


Clouds on certain days resemble distant mountains.
I’m watching such a mountain now, and far below
Could be the perfect, crystal lake of dream.

On days like these when lakes reflect a silver heaven,
The air will shimmer mirrored like on shining glass,
And over distant clouds the sun will cross the lake.

But when the light is bound to sink behind the mountains,
Glimmering through the clouds as if there was the moon,
The night appears and slowly gathers round your quiet face.

On nights like these, your eyes turn monochrome and inward,
And when you close them, darkness covers earth and sky,
And yet I’ve seen the perfect dawn you dare to dream,

For on a certain night you turned to me to find my eyes,
And when you did, I saw a bright and crystal day
With mountains in a lake, and every cloud was gone.

© Freddy Niagara Fonseca, 1993

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