B Tunnard

Cool Sun….

Paramotor pilot, Brian Tunnard, filmed this video whilst flying on 20th January 2015. He says on his YouTube page “The viz was a bit hazy … and it’s a LOT cooller than it looks …but it was a VERY enjoyable flight nonetheless. I encountered a suprisingly strong headwind on the first leg of the flight, which needed speedbar to penetrate .. my speed with bar, shot up to a stately 18-20mph.

It’s Brass Monkey ‘FROSTY’ up here, but as I turn West, the clouds are painted orange by the setting sun … and all is well with world … for a moment …”

One thought on “Cool Sun….”

  1. Kathryn Cavanagh avatar Kathryn says:

    I don’t have the courage for that kind of flying, but do so like what I saw from your ‘up there’ video. Many thanks for sharing with us all, and hope it didn’t take too long for you to thaw out from the brass monkey conditions !!

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