Constable – The Great Cloud Painter

He was one of Britain’s best cloud painters, and described the sky in his landscape painting as ‘the keynote… the chief organ of sentiment’. This means that the new John Constable exhibition opening at the Tate Britain, in London, is a must see for any cloudspotters finding themselves in the capital. The show brings together, for the very first time, all of the artist’s six-foot landscape canvases and includes 65 works in total.
Constable: The Great Landscapes is showing at Tate Britain from 1 June till 28 August 2006:

4 thoughts on “Constable – The Great Cloud Painter”

  1. Gaurav Mishra says:

    Nice pic

  2. Richard Adamski says:

    I feel your touch will you come to the U.S. New York ever, would love to be one with your clouds.

  3. looking for inspiration for my paintings & murals

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