“CloudSpotters” by Carole Chandler

Carole Chandler, member 28346, wrote this poem in the kind and gentle company of ‘Marley’, her black Labrador – a retired guide dog aged 11 and apparently, one of our canine cloudspotters.

Cloud Spotters

Away from the noise
away from the crowds
with my faithful old dog
and my head in the clouds
nothing to daunt us
forever on duty
as we savour the height
of ephemeral beauty
we’re not into diamonds
we’re not into gold
we just treasure the pleasure
each sunrise can hold
and thus for the day
we do it OUR way
as we gaze at the heavens
each brilliant display, as
over the mountains
and sweeping the plain
magnificent skies
fill our senses again
high Cirrus Stratus
and cumulus nimbus
mock suns and contrails
that play high above us
blanketing clouds
black as thunder that form
as we sit, all agog
in our car … in the warm!

Until to the coast
we both gently retreat
me at the wheel
faithful friend on back seat
in to the wonderful west
where we spend
our last waking hours
with the sunset …
… our friend.

© Carole Chandler

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