Clouds Part 1 2015

Cloud Appreciation Society member, Prof. Dr. Carlos Fernando Jung, has sent us this video that he has made. It is a compilation of cloud photos that we’re sure you will enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Clouds Part 1 2015”

  1. Peter Knapp avatar Peter says:

    Thank you – it is also my experience, that stills can be arranged nicely to a video show even together with some video clips and make a beautiful entertainment.
    Your pictures are great!!

  2. Jon Franks avatar Jon Franks says:

    Well I really enjoyed that! I am impressed that a sequence of stills appropriately arranged can produce as dramatic an effect as a sequence of video shots. It’s got me thinking as I have a large archive and was wondering how to best use it. I am also a drummer and composer- and I think a good sound track really helps. Good work!

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