A storm system over Venice, Italy.

Cloud Warriors of the Sky

Sherwin Berger, member 18,239, sent us his cloud inspired piece, “Cloud Warriors of the Sky”


High above, with grumbling and rumbling like an army of angry hidden giants mired within their own discontent from inner battles that rolled among the clouds while debating the perfect drab ceremonial black with which to impose a dark destiny on the Earth below.

Not easily to be undone, cloud warriors sporting cloaks of pure ethereal white and gold pierce the black and gloom with searchlights borrowed from the sun to clear the skies and grasp the role of victors in upper air manoeuvres till coming of early morn does reveal, for cheering crowds on the ground below, a full display of dawn in which all can delight that the battles of upper atmosphere does now disclose a new cloud mixture of black and white tinged with vibrant colors all around the edges that will in turn morph into something grand and not soon forgotten as natural forces, ever on guard, will choose exotic colors and intricate design selected for viewers like you and me to spark more cloud poetry.

© Sherwin Berger

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