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Cloud Poems

Nicholas Power, Society member 27925, from Canada, recently shared two of his cloud inspired poems with us.

Cloud Poems

each small cloud a poem
without possibility of rhyme
written on an infinity of blue
in ever-changing metres
scanned only by the wind

a herd of leaderless clouds
graze peacefully beyond
a green and distant land
then move slowly eastward
to be slaughtered over the lake

In advance of the landing
they are hovering at low level
disguised briefly as familiar shapes:
large white balloons in a big parade
a friendly clown face, a child’s boat
a stuffed bird, a laughing teddy bear

now they reveal themselves as truly alien creatures
urging their large shapes toward their destination
somewhere west of this countryside of lakes

© Nicholas Power

July 20, 2002 (Long Lake, Saskatchewan)

fourteen cloud poems
sketched across the sky
with caesuras of blue space

wind is tearing the sheeted words from the mouth of clouds

cloud speech ghost written on ruffled blue pages

ghosts of dreams float out of reach bearing your image

records of wind and landscape

become stuttering breaths

unsustainable speeches

whisps of denotation

merely calligraphy

ghosts of letters

symbol traces


© Nicholas Power

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  • Harriet Hartley avatar


    September 24, 2017 at 3:26 am

    Fantastic, Nicholas!

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