solar_eclipse_shutterstock_26371885 (C) Aptyp_koK

Cloud Observations Wanted for Eclipse Weather experiment

solar_eclipse_shutterstock_26371885 (C) Aptyp_koK

A solar eclipse will be visible from the UK on the morning of 20th March 2015. Although primarily an astronomical event, a solar eclipse can also affect the weather*. If you will have access to measurements of air temperatures, wind speeds, or can safely observe the cloud amount by eye, the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading invites you to take part in NEWEx, the National Eclipse Weather Experiment, a citizen science project to collect weather data during the solar eclipse for detailed analysis. Full instructions for submitting data are given at Some of the results from this endeavour are likely be discussed as part of a BBC Stargazing Live event on the day of the eclipse, and will also be analysed more formally.

*A brief summary of some of the anticipated eclipse-related weather changes is given here: How do solar eclipses affect the weather

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