Music to Watch Clouds By

What’s the perfect music to listen to as you kick back and watch the clouds drift by? These tracks were suggestions by our members. If you’ve got a suggestion for music to watch clouds by – or you’ve created some yourself – let us know and we’ll post it here.

“GND Lift” by Sam Handwich

The Sam Handwich Band heard about us on the New York Times "The Daily" podcast. They told us they were amazed that something like our Society exists and wanted to share their music video with us, because it's full of wonderful cloud images!

Nubes – Music Composition Inspired by Clouds

Sabino de Bari is a composer and guitarist who recently released a decacorde (10 strings classical guitar) album, Nubes, which is inspired by clouds.

Pareidolia by Buck Meek

Dale Wayne suggested 'Pareidolia' by Buck Meek, for the Music to Watch Clouds by section of our website

Your Cloud · Tori Amos

Ruth Baily, member 37,436, has proposed the beautiful song "Your Cloud" by Tori Amos for our Music to Watch Clouds By page.

Watches the Clouds Roll By

Mary Cleary, member 16561, recently suggested this song by 'The Kruger Brothers' for our music to watch clouds by section.

Harmonielehre: III. Meister Eckhardt and Quackie

Jason Weir recently proposed this piece for the Music to Watch Clouds by page. He wrote, "Imagine you are an eagle flying high above the mountains, soaring between layers of cloud, one moment your vision obscured by gentle droplets, the next catching a glimpse of the vast upper atmosphere with its deepening blue hues..."

“Clouds of St Marie” by Ride

Society member, Mark Davies as recommended "Clouds of St Marie" by Ride for our Music to Watch Clouds section

‘Move the Clouds’ by Shadowfax

Don Hatfield, supporting member 42854, recently proposed 'Move the Clouds' by Shadowfax for the 'Music to Watch Clouds By' section of our website.

Neil Diamond, “Be”

Longstanding Society member, Jack Borden, recently sent us this suggestion for music to watch clouds by.