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Music to Watch Clouds By

Have you made music inspired by the clouds and the sky? Use the form below to send us a soundcloud link or a video link and we’ll add it to our music to watch clouds by. Or just send a link to a favourite piece of cloud music on the web.

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    ‘Move the Clouds’ by Shadowfax

    Don Hatfield, supporting member 42854, recently proposed 'Move the Clouds' by Shadowfax for the 'Music to Watch Clouds By' section of our website.

    Neil Diamond, “Be”

    Longstanding Society member, Jack Borden, recently sent us this suggestion for music to watch clouds by.

    “Clouds” by Iona

    Harry van Dijken (member 35947) submitted "Clouds" by Iona from her album "Another Realm".

    “Ocean Cloud” by Marillion

    Bernd Kärcher recently contacted us with the suggestion of "Ocean Cloud" by Marillion for our Music to Watch Clouds by section.