Cloud Man Production

Chicago’s Filament Theatre are in the final week of their production of Cloud Man.

Filament Theatre is the premier theatre for young audiences on Chicago, Illinois’ Northwest Side, and is delighted to present the magical Constellation Points’ Cloud Man.

The production is thanks to a new partnership between Filament and the Scottish theatre company Constellation Points.

A cleverly staged show featuring one performer, puppets, storytelling and lots of clouds, Cloud Man explores the ways we try to make sense of the world. It encourages audiences to notice the beauty and wonder to be found in everyday life. It’s a gentle lesson in the ways we can care for the world without controlling it.

Local adventurers can catch the final performances of Cloud Man April 27-28 by

Global adventurers can support Filament’s campaign to bring Cloud Man to schools and community spaces by visiting Filament Theatre’s website.

Instagram: @filamentplays

Facebook: Filament Theatre

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