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Chilling display of London’s weather

Chilling display of London’s weather

The Frozen Thames, Abraham Hondius, Museum of London

Chilling story: The Frozen Thames,
Abraham Hondius, Museum of London

Feeling overheated by global-warming worries? In a sweat about your carbon footprint?

Then go and chill out at Weather Permitting: London’s Changing Climate, one of two exhibitions in London museums featuring cloud content.

Find out about the capital’s weather – the storms, floods, freezes, heatwaves, fogs and smogs – and how Londoners have coped with the best (and worst) that the elements have thrown at them over the last 2000 years. The display is in the foyer of the Museum of London from February 15 until April 20.

Meanwhile, Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft, is at the V & A now until February 17 and features Annie Cattrell, who has created sculptures of clouds from a particular day laser etched into blocks of glass. The clouds are positioned within the glass block in relation to their height in the atmosphere.

Her subjects are fleeting things, such as clouds or breath inside a human lung, and stem from her interest in anatomy and meteorology.

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